001 239 481 0033 (USA)
011 216 20 459 459 (Tunisia)

001 239-481-0033 (USA)
011 216-20-459-459 (Tunisia)

How It Works

What You Need to Do

Maktharis does not need a referral from a doctor, the patient can refer themselves. The patient will need to bring a copy of their medical records. After review of the records and examination of the patient, our surgeons may recommend additional testing or diagnostic procedures; these can be done in Tunis before surgery. Maktharis can perform all pre-op blood work and pre-op medical screening.

Your Stay in Tunis

Tunis-Carthage Airport is 8km from Tunis and has direct flights from most European, North African and Middle Eastern countries, as well as Montreal, Canada. A travel visa is not required from most countries for short, tourist visits to Tunisia. We can assist with a visa if needed. 

Tunis is a very popular tourist destination and there are countless resort hotels in Tunis where you can stay before your surgery and while you are recuperating post-op. We can provide hotel recommendations and help get the patient a great deal comparing service to price.

Let's Get Started

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