001 239 481 0033 (USA)
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001 239-481-0033 (USA)
011 216-20-459-459 (Tunisia)

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Maktharis does not need a referral from a doctor, the patient can refer themselves. The patient will need to bring a copy of their medical records. After review of the records and examination of the patient, our surgeons may recommend additional testing or diagnostic procedures; these can be done in Tunis before surgery. Maktharis can perform all pre-op blood work and pre-op medical screening.

Your Stay in Tunis

Tunis-Carthage Airport is 8km from Tunis and has direct flights from most European, North African and Middle Eastern countries, as well as Montreal, Canada. A travel visa is not required from most countries for short, tourist visits to Tunisia. We can assist with a visa if needed. 

Tunis is a very popular tourist destination and there are countless resort hotels in Tunis where you can stay before your surgery and while you are recuperating post-op. We can provide hotel recommendations and help get the patient a great deal comparing service to price.

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About Us

Maktharis Surgical Experts offer open & endoscopic gastrointestinal surgical procedures, hernia repair surgery and post op recuperation in Tunis, Tunisia. New procedures and surgical team members will be added in the near future. All surgeons are personally selected, interviewed and vetted by Drs. Moutaa & Anis BenMaamer.

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